For the 2018 "Kaleidoscope Fashion Show" I was recruited to create mini-documentaries to spotlights each of this year's 5 collection designers to show the immense amount of work which goes into designing and constructing an entire fashion collection by hand, as well as creating the opportunity for these designers to discuss concept and process with the audience. 
The following mini documentaries were screened before each collection walked down the runway.
An innovative exploration in apparel design which embodies contrast in every detail and expression of concept.
a ready-to-wear fusion of sophisticated colors and silhouettes structured into casual lounge wear.
A whimsical collection directly inspired by the very detailed, extravagant, and dreamy fabric it was created from.
A special collection by the 2018 featured guest designer inspired by a particular print and developed through the skilled and detailed lens of textile artistry
A bold collection that brings new life to the traditional patterns of the animal kingdom through daring cuts and individualistic approaches in modeling.
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